Online Driving Lessons - Creating expert drivers for a safer tomorrow


Online Driving Lessons was created by James. As a Driving Instructor, James found that there was little or no help for pupils to understand the theory part of the driving test and had a vision to change things.


Online Driving Lessons has been created for just this purpose. It is the first site of its kind that not only offers a platform that delivers theory training software, but also offers online classrooms which deliver high quality theory training - including the hazard perception part - as well as interactive sessions covering the question bank in each section of the theory test.


There is also a practical video section which gives invaluable insight into how to deal with each of the main driving areas, including practice clips, which allow pupils to interactively test their observational skills and reactions to real life situations, in order to improve their driving ability.


In the process of creating and developing this Onlinedrivinglessons website, James came up with the concept of Hybrid Driving Lessons. This involves a combination of in-car lessons with an Instructor combined with groundbreaking online driving sessions, where pupils can become more acquainted with the rules of the road and also practise the trickier aspects of driving - such as roundabouts, junctions etc - in the comfort of their own home, without having to navigate operating the pedals, steering, mirrors etc at the same time as identifying suitable gaps at roundabouts for example.


The Onlinedrivinglessons website contains over 100 practical driving videos explaining all technical aspects of learning to drive and the rules of the road - which will enhance pupils' driving skills. The videos are categorized clearly and progressively, which makes the system really easy to use.


James has trialled this Hybrid Driving Lessons system and found that his pupils' progress is rapid and their driving skills are more honed, thus creating better and safer drivers.


James spent 13 years as a Driving Instructor, including teaching his own children to drive. He gave them many hours of instruction to enable them to become the safest drivers possible. This led him to want to expand this, to enable all learners to become better and safer drivers - making the roads a safer place to be.