I cannot recommend Online Driving Lessons and James enough.  I have worried in the past about understanding certain topics of driving that being theory and practical.  Once I started learning with James I was much more confident about approaching new subjects.  If I was ever unsure about a topic he would explain it to me in a way that suited me.  This approach help me pass first time with flying colours.  

I think the idea of learning online through Zoom made it much easier.  I was able to focus more than if was learning say through an app.  Focusing on individual sections through each lesson and applying that to my practical lessons was incredibly beneficial for me.  I have really enjoyed this process and the support has been fantastic.



Before I started lessons with James, I had very low hopes in passing the test.  I struggled, I didn't understand what it meant and I had failed theory on a few occasions.  

James broke down what was at first a very confusing set of concepts and explained thoroughly what various bits of the Highway Code meant in a way that was simple, enjoyable and very easy to remember!

After many hours of training, I entered the test centre with confidence, performed the test with calmness and clarity, and ended the test feeling that was the best I could ever do.

I was delighted to have passed and cannot thank James enough for what he has done.

To those who are struggling and simply don't understand this part to get your license - please just book with James to get learning, understand it and smash that test with confidence!

James' work installed a much deeper understanding of the content and made me feel much more confident.



Well structured and organised course with a great tutor who is knowledgeable and thorough.  My daughter had zero knowledge and after the course passed her theory first time.  Really comprehensive content and preparation.  Highly recommend.



I have had online theory lessons with James and found the experience extremely helpful.  Having the online lessons was useful as we went through different sections of the theory course so we could focus on particular sections one session at a time so that we could go into detail.  I was able to ask questions confidently without the worry of being judged.  I like how with the sessions you were able to ask them to elaborate on a topic if you didn't understand something.

When I was focusing on roundabouts in my driving lessons, I asked if we could go over roundabouts in the theory lessons too, so that I had a better understanding of them, and he happily added another session to focus on the topic so I could better understand them, which I found really helped in my driving lessons.



The lessons were a helpful way of getting me to go over the content, great teaching and I passed first time, thanks James.



First of all I would like to say a massive thank you to James for all his help.  The teaching methods and structure of the tuition meant that I scored 50 out of 50 on my theory multiple choice questions and passed first time.  The website and resources available are wonderful, and being able to have a point of contact for any questions meant I really managed to get into the mind frame needed to make my theory test a calm and enjoyable experience.  I couldn't recommend the services Online driving lessons offers enough!



After a few unsuccessful attempts at passing my theory tests, I decided to try Online Driving Lessons' Zoom Theory Training, and it was fantastic!  I learnt so much more in the sessions, and it was much easier and more enjoyable than trying to wade through the questions on my own. The training also helped me relate the theory to my practical driving.  It has far surpassed my expectations.

Thanks Online Driving Lessons!



Excellent teaching as well as being very supportive and encouraging, making the learning easier and more understandable.  An excellent teacher.  Thank you for your help, James.



James is an excellent teacher. and I have learnt so much more by doing these zoom sessions than I did trying to go through all the material on my own.  Thanks so much for all your help - especially for helping me to pass my theory test.